This is a cloud based collaborative forum for healthcare quality improvement projects; led by clinicians. These initiatives are based on some of the current challenges and the use of related digital technologies.

We focus on Community Health Services and how to extend the benefits of advanced digital health technology beyond hospitals to community health, primary care services, our consumers and their communities.

We believe giving clinicians chance to lead and collaborate with technical experts in digital health systems improvements and clinical redesigns projects is critical to provide efficient consumer centred care. Many health care professionals generously volunteered for project activities despite their busy work commitments. We appreciate their contribution and ongoing support. This an open invitation to you; with interest & passion in digital health to join us.

Dr Rohan Bopage Staff Specialist WSLHD NSW Health

Let's Make eMR Awesome

Lifelong Learning with Digital Tools

Clinical Leadership

Reference: ABC of Clinical Leadership by Tim Swanwick & Judy McKimm. BMJ Publishing Group is governed by a team of healthcare professionals and this site contents are prepared by the team members pro bono. The opinions expressed here are author's own and not necessarily reflect the views of NSW Health or any other healthcare related organisations or communities.

We use G Suite ( previously referred to as Google Apps for work) as a collaborative and project management tool. No patient identifiable data are shared or stored in G Suite. co-ordinating team members have no conflicts of interests to declare and have no commercial affiliations with Google, Cerner or any other commercial tech companies.