Our Collaborators and Supporters

PROJECTS.digital initiatives are statewide collaborations of clinicians, IT application specialists, support staff , healthcare managers of NSW Health and other external healthcare related institutions.

The main contributors and supports are mentioned here but there are many others continue to support and be involved with us.

We appreciate their contribution and ongoing support.

Thank you

Dr Rohan Bopage (Project Lead)

Email: contact@projects.digital Web: www.projects.digital

Health ICT, South Eastern Sydney LHD

Lee Spier, Andrew Whatnall, Fabian Heaton, Meg Ma, Paul Issac, Wendy Cotter, Paul Wren, Ed Kemp, Flora Karanfilovski

eHealth NSW

Karen Pettit, Gary Rodgers, Toby Mathieson, Rick Turner

Ministry of Health NSW Government

Jo Holden, Heather-Marier Schmidt, Tim Duck

HIV/AIDS and Related Programs (HARP) Unit SES LHD

Hong Li Dan, Mark Denoe, Gary Ghan

Directorate of Planning, Population Health and Equity SES LHD

Julie Dixon, Christopher O'Reilly

Illawara Sexual Health ISH LHD

Katherine Brown, Kylie Strong, Jodielee Little

Warath Clinic St George Hospital SES LHD

Jen Curtis, Sharon Robinson, Chris Weatherall

Sydeny Sexual Health Centre SES LHD

Vickie Knight, Heng Lu, Ros Foster, Rick Verma

Community Health Information Management Unit, SES lHD

Belinda Lee, Shane Simpson

Kirketon Road Centre

Kate Sailsbury, Wendy Machin, Gary Ghan, Rohan Bopage, Phill Read

NSW Sexually Transmissible Infections Programs Unit (STIPU)

Leanne Burton, Chris Bourne

Northern NSW Sexual Health / HARP Services

Mark Fuller , Jen Heslop , David Smith

Northern Sydney Sexual Health Services

Joanne Holahan, Brett Hadlow, Anne Lunnon

The Albion Centre Sydney SES LHD

Maggie Smith, Derek Chan, Virginia Furner, John Goulder, Tom Hoglund, Merrion Tom, Hamish Bowden

Holden Street Clinic Gosford, Central Coast LHD

Debbie Allen

HIV Outreach Team SES LHD

Carol Gohari, David Murray

Directorate of Primary and Integrated Health SES LHD

Greg Stewart

Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network

Laila Tabassum, Phoebe Chomley